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Carpet Waste

Carpet Waste

If you are a company that has large volumes of carpet and you are looking for a home for this material, why not talk with us. We can look at the carpet volumes you have and see what best suits your business. 

Carpet Shredding system

Carpet Shredding system

We shred carpet down in two processes. First shred brings pieces to <250mm, followed by a secondary shred bringing the carpet down to <20mm.

We run all carpet shred through Eddie currents and ferrous metal detectors, removing all metals, then we remove remaining dust from shredded carpet, leaving a clean, fibre material.

Wrapped for shipping
500kg Bales 

Baled fibre 500kg

Once the carpet has been shredded, we offer our product in three formats.

First is loose, where we will load up your trailer with the carpet fiber, we can usually achive up to 25 tons in a walking floor trailer.

Second is baled. This is where we bale our carpet fiber, which allows you to take our product in curtain side trucks, or containers,

Third is wrapped. This is a baled 500kg block of fiber which we wrap for shipping to europe.

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