Waste Fibre products

We have two types of waste fibre.

1) Plastic fibre fuel.

2) Tyre waste fibre.

What ever your tonnage requirement's, we have it.

Plastic's Fuel

If you are a company that needs large volumes of fuel for your operations, be it an SRF plant, Cement factory, we can help.

Let us know your fuel requirements, and we can get you the volumes you need.

For the energy market, we produce two types of shred, 

We have >250mm shred and a >20mm shred.

Tested samples show the following:

Caloric value:   40 MJ/Kg

Tyre waste Fibre.

This shredding system is currently being developed. When this processing system is up and running, we will up date this section.​​

Our tyre fibre for the cement kiln sector. ​


1) 20mm fibre,

2) Fibre has been run through two ferrous metal detectors and two eddie current magnets,

3) We have inspection staff on the line inspecting the fibre on the conveyor belts

4) Vacuum extraction processes are installed to leave a clean, dust free product.

Call us for prices

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